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Our Petition

Mandatory ultrasound screening of all newborns to reduce late diagnosis of Hip Dysplasia (Australia) and implement education to parents of newborns At just 12 months old, my daughter’s fragile body is almost entirely covered by plaster. A single ultrasound in the weeks following birth would have revealed her little body wasn’t going to develop normally but […]

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Hip Dysplasia Fund for Philadelphia area

Just recently there has been a fund set up to aid families with difficulty or inability to pay for Hip Dysplasia treatment. This is based around the Philadelphia area. Please click on the below link, read their story and if you wish to donate then please do!  

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Royal Childrens Hospital Medical Screening App for kids!

The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne have just released an app called ‘Okee in Medical Imaging’. This app was created to try and make children feel more relaxed and comfortable when they are undergoing medical screening, e.g: an ultrasound or x-ray for screening of the hips. Please click on the below links to check it out! […]

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