Hip Hip Hooray!

Hip Hip Hoorays Mission

When our children were diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia all we wanted was information. What is it? Why has this happened? What can be done? Will there be long term problems? The list is endless. We had difficulty finding good quality, up to date information to answer all of our questions.

Hip Hip Hoorays aim is to provide a hub of information and support to parents/carers and their family members. We endeavour to create awareness about Hip Dysplasia and want to see parents educated about the risk factors and signs/symptoms of Hip Dysplasia.

The making of Hip Hip Hooray

It was a difficult time for our families and we didn’t want other families to experience these same feelings. We decided to turn our negative situation into a positive one. We wanted to help families and had a million ideas running through our minds! We met with a maternal child health nurse and a local paediatrician to discuss our ideas. Could we make our dreams a reality?

We needed to create a catchy name, with an equally appealing logo. We initially thought about including a hippo into the logo but upon researching discovered there was already a book named “Hope the Hip Hippo”.

Bec’s husband suggested the name “Hip Hip Hooray”. We loved it but were completely stuck on a logo to match. We knew we wanted to incorporate a brace, harness or cast but had no idea how.

One night Bec and her husband Lucas were bathing their children. Their eldest son was playing with a frog bath toy when the idea arose. A frog would make for the perfect logo! Bec called on her Facebook friends to recommend an artist that could design the Hip Hip Hooray logo. It was through the power of social media that we were connected with Sarah from Sarahjane_art. We spoke with Sarah about what we envisaged our logo to look like. We were amazed at the result! Our logo features three frogs: one in a brace/harness, one in a spica cast, and one frog free of any brace/cast.

Throughout this journey we have been fortunate to have many people donate their time and skills. One person in particular who deserves a great deal of credit is Marc. Marc’s son was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia and wanted to assist in any way possible. His background is media. Marc has been the mastermind behind creating our website. He also digitalised Sarah’s artwork for us to make it compatible for the website. He has been a god-send and has made our dreams a reality. We will be forever grateful!

We are so proud of all that we have achieved in such a short space of time. We have a Facebook page with a world-wide following. We have created awareness via television, newspaper articles and a petition. We have the support of a Professor, well-known organisations, Doctors and local politicians. We are overwhelmed with the support we continue to receive. A special thank you also goes out to every single parent/carer that has contributed via email, and our social media pages.


We are very passionate about this topic and look forward to achieving our goals as our children have both been diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia. Both cases were late diagnosed.

We welcome all families & friends especially those that are currently going through a Hip Dysplasia journey.
We want to hear your stories!
We want you to help us raise awareness!
We can do this together!

We have lots of ideas and goals and look forward to achieving these.

Once our goals are achieved together we can all say Hip Hip Hooray

Hip Hip Hooray!


Hip Hip Hooray want to express our utmost gratitude to the following people who have made this dream of ours come to life. They have all provided help in various ways and without them it would not have been possible.

Thank you!!

Marc C-Scott
Sarahjane Ryan
Professor Leo Donnan
Raymond Saville