Spica Casts

Closed and Open Reductions are performed when the hip/s are dislocated or following unsuccessful treatment using a brace/harness. They are generally followed by a Spica cast and then a brace.

Closed Reduction:

  • The hip joint is manipulated to get the ball of the femur back into the hip socket
  • Performed under General Anaesthetic

International Hip Dysplasia Institute- Closed Reduction

Open Reduction:

  • Performed under general anaesthesia
  • The hip joint is opened up to clear out any tissues that may be stopping the ball (femur bone) from being put back into the socket (acetabulum)
  • Surgeons may use either the medial or anterior approach as outlined on the IHDI website

International Hip Dysplasia Institute- Open Reduction

  • An osteotomy may be also performed to re-shape the bone. For more detailed information please click on the helpful link below

International Hip Dysplasia- Osteotomy

Spica Cast:

  • Used after either a closed or open reduction to keep the hip joint in an optimal position for proper development of the hip joint
  • Babies or children can be cast from anywhere between 3-6 months, with a cast change typically every six weeks
  • An Arthrogram (X-ray using dye) is performed at the cast change to check the hip joint
  • After the spica cast is removed the child is usually put into a hip abduction brace

Childrens Hospitals & Clinics of Minnesota

Royal Childrens Hospital- What to expect in hospital

Cast Cooler 

Spica Chair Instructions (Courtesy of Trent Heiner)

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