Archive | June, 2015

Baby Swaddling- Ensure its the healthy hip way!

Please swaddle your baby the correct way! Just recently there was an article published about How to Double Swaddle a Baby. We just wanted to remind you all that you need to swaddle your baby the correct way (see below photo). Swaddling babies is an age-old practice that can be a great way of […]

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Please use a baby carrier correctly

Baby carriers are not all created equally. When choosing one, look for a carrier that provides support to your babys legs and make sure you wear the baby carrier the correct way. The froggy position is the most hip healthy! Just recently there was an article/photo about Ryan Reynolds carrying his baby in a baby […]

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HIP Buddies

This is Mikayla, she is 13 years old. Mikayla has had 4 hip and leg surgeries with one more to go, because of her hip dysplasia and rebound dysplasia. Mikayla was 10 years old when she diagnosed and felt very alone. She found comfort in the teddy bears that the hospital would hand out. Which […]

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